Do you want a FREE light bulb that can micro-mine?

Imagine if you can micro-mine for cryptocurrency by flipping on your lights. Join IOTW TestNet to win a free light bulb. It’s easy and 100% free!

All you need to do is download the IOTW mobile app and wallet for iOS or Android:

After registering for your account in the app,

  • Open the email: Scan QR code or click the “Add Device” button in the email
  • Get 50 FREE TestNet coins and start mining to earn a free light bulb

Since the TestNet’s launch, many tester-users have been purchasing IOTW t-shirts and stickers with TestNet coins while smart light bulbs and smart power plugs will be available soon. Bulbs and plugs can mine for more real IOTW coins.

Don’t skip out on these opportunities to generate passive income at home.

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