IOTW Launches TestNet Coins Redemption and Referral Program


Have you been keeping your micro-mining on to acquire more IOTW TestNet coins? If yes, good job! If not, you should and here’s why.

From now on, you can start purchasing t-shirts, laptop stickers, and later, IOTW smart light bulbs, IOTW power plugs and real IOTW tokens using TestNet coins in your wallet application. Given the large community and demand, each wallet user can only purchase one unit of each product. An exception to this rule is the stickers; each person can purchase up to three units. Orders and merchandise will be sent to your shipping address.

We’re also launching a referral program for our TestNet, where IOTW is rewarding 100 coins per referral to users who refer a friend–their referral–to sign up for the TestNet. Each existing user can invite up to six friends and earn up to 600 free TestNet coins. Additionally, each new referral receives 20 free TestNet coins for accepting the invitation to try the TestNet out.

Testnet Referral Program

  • Get rewarded an additional 100 coins per referral (refer your friends to try out our Testnet!)
  • Invite up to 6 friends; 600 TestNet coins at maximum
  • New invited user will receive 20 extra TestNet coins for accepting an invitation from their existing/inviting user
  • Rewards will only be granted after invited users have started a minimum of two days of micro-mining on the mobile wallet

Instructions for Referring Friends

  • Open your wallet & click “Balance”
  • Click the Referral button at the top left corner
  • Invite up to 6 friends by entering their emails for invitations
  • Ask them to follow signup steps at and start micro-mining!

Enjoy your purchase!

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