Meet Our Team Member: Vivian

IOTW, a project that focuses on making IoT devices universally capable of using existing electricity used to run the devices to mine cryptocurrency, entered the blockchain technology space earlier this year. IOTW announces that blockchain enthusiast Vivian Xie will be orchestrating our data-driven marketing strategies to drive business development and forging relationships with other projects both inside and out of the crypto-blockchain spheres.

Vivian is our data and communications overseer, stringing analytics into text we can all understand. She graduated in 2017 from University of California Berkeley alongside our Head of Business Development Kartik Mehrota with degrees in Economics and English Literature, and became passionate about the diverse use cases of blockchain and cryptocurrency after taking a class on data security and investing her own funds in a decentralized digital currency called Bitcoin in its very early stages. After working a year and a half at a corporate gig, Viv is looking to apply her unique crypto knowledge and knack for understanding tech to help people understand how Project IOTW can benefit a person’s life.

Lastly, she’s our resident poet and cheerleader in the office! (Go ahead, reach out to Vivian on our Telegram community, give her two facts about yourself and she’ll write you a poem about you and blockchain applications!)

To support business development, Vivian and Kartik are also tasked with identifying specific communities IoT devices can help. Did you know that micro-mining with IoT devices only requires 50 cents of electricity per year per device? Viv did the math, which yielded that a miner in the United States who steadily micro-mines one bitcoin using IoT devices will produce a 650-times less expensive electricity bill (hardware setup costs not included) than a miner in the United States who mines using the traditional methods. See how much it costs to mine one bitcoin in your country! For traditional miners in the United States, an average annual bill is $4,758. Imagine what one can purchase with that chunk of change..

Low costs are one of IOTW’s modules for practicing sustainability and creating social good. Low setup and maintenance costs combined with the accessibility of everyday IoT devices (i.e. electronics a person commonly uses in his or her home such as hairdryers and light bulb) form a recipe for consumer inclusivity. Join us in lowering the barriers for entry for crypto token-mining. First thing you can do right now is count the number of total active IoT devices in your home. Secondly, connect your IoT devices to our mobile app and mobile wallet by signing up for the experimental testnet. Lastly, start optimizing on the power you’re already paying for and apply it to micro-mining IOTW tokens to play your part in creating a decentralized marketplace where transactions are performed peer to peer.

Stay tuned and chat with us here about the project, our goals, incoming MainNet, everything and anything!

Product Marketing Manager

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