Gearing Up for TestNet Launch

Last week we worked on stress-testing the network. Read all about it here!

This week we are gearing up the final aspects of the network. As we mentioned in yesterday’s announcement, we are launching our testnet on December 12th next week. The focus is on security improvements and on optimizing our network’s communication protocols.

We don’t want the community to take away all the rewards we have to offer, right away. We are still happy to share if anyone can find things along the cracks we missed (ie rewards for bugs in code we missed). With these changes and some final rounds of testing we are hoping we will be right on time.

We again hope to see you on the launch day meanwhile if you have any doubts or questions. Please feel free to contact us through any of our communication channels. Thanks for taking time to sync with us!


Pranav Burnwal
Principal Blockchain Engineer & Business Strategist

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