Testnet Launch Date

IOTW is proud to announce the upcoming TestNet launch, which will be on 12th December, 2018. You will have a chance to mine Testnet coins to get rewards. Network can handle 3000 TPS, 9000 devices and instant confirmations! Don’t miss out and stay tuned. Please share to your friends!

IOTW team has been working on the product for the last 6+ months on IOTW network. After much anticipation for many rounds of plan, development, test, fix and then start again. We are proud to announce that finally we have come to a final working product that has all the characteristics of the blockchain network we need for today’s generation of IOT.

In terms of details our network architecture allows us to be infinitely horizontally scalable. Unfortunately at this point in time we don’t have the resources to test that limit. Regardless we could not give our community an untested network. So let’s share some results that we tested. We secured the network processing at 3000 Transactions per second. We estimate this to be minimal but again we expect network can achieve a much higher TPS. We tested the network with pushing transactions for 9000 devices simultaneously and the network handled it like a breeze. Our transactions at maximum took 3 seconds to get processed but on average took less than 2 seconds. We are doing many more things with the network tweaking, fixing bugs, optimizing, etc.

We as a team are committed to the network to make it the best one out there. To make sure we do this right we are going to have a good system for community to help us achieving our commitment. We have rewards and gifts for it so stay tuned for more updates on this in next week’s.

In parallel we also we also want more people to explore our network from user standpoint as well. We have many things planned for our users and specially more for early adopters.

As per specifics in terms we have decided to launch the same on 12th of December. That’s just a date for everyone but it’s our first milestone towards our achievement. We request all of you to come join us for this. Till then sit tight and do ask us anything about team or product. We are open to all question and queries. Please feel free to contact us for any additional information you may need. We are available through most of the channels available on internet.

Thanks for your time for the article! Thank you for being part of IOTW dream!

Pranav Burnwal

IOTW’s Principal Blockchain Engineer & Business Strategist

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