Hello everyone, it’s been sometime we have not published any development updates. We have been working hard on the IOTW network and are at it for as long as we can remember. If you missed our last blog you can find it here “MicroMiners”.

Every person in the blockchain space understands one of the biggest failures for a network is its own nature to handle bulk transactions. Our vision of a network for IOT devices is to be scalable horizontally and allow a huge number of transactions. So for the last 2 weeks we have been grinding our network with all sorts of scripts, tools and fixtures. Generating analysing data on the fly with our resources.

The results are astounding! We are happy to share that our network touched 3000 TPS with easy before signs of slight slowdown. We still have to test it to put it at ultimate halt but our IOTW Founder and VP Blockchain R&D, Marcin says probably that will never happen. So we have put that as a to do in future but currently we are really happy with our achievement and directed our resources to other critical aspects.

We also simulated creation of 9000 devices to be added in the network and as predicted by Marcin again, the network adopted without a hiccup! We will in future do more but this looked very stable in most of our tests. Outside of stresstest we also worked on protocol optimization, new Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) for subscribing to notification of rewards and tune our reward awarding strategy a bit.

This will be our updates for the week. We will try to get our community another update next week.

Meanwhile we have our Team member blog series starting this friday. Please stay tuned to know one of IOTW’s teammate outside IOTW.

Thanks for reading!


Pranav Burnwal

Principal Blockchain Engineer & Business Strategist

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