Luxury Products Brand Joins IOTW’s Decentralized Marketplace to Reduce Selling Expenses

AnApp Blockchain Technologies Limited (“AnApp”), the Internet of Things (IoT) blockchain developer behind IOTW (a new cryptocurrency for IoT applications), announces a key partnership with APAC Strategic Planning Company Limited (“APAC”), a high class cashmere trading company in Hong Kong, which accepts IOTW coins as one of the currencies for their transactions. 

APAC will adopt IOTW’s decentralized ecommerce platform for selling its cashmere scarves to increase their profit margin as the platform helps IOTW’s partners to reduce selling expenses.  APAC will leverage the IOTW platform to trade with customers from any part of the world at whatever time, bringing more business opportunities.   Furthermore, IOTW’s decentralized ecommerce platform enables APAC’s business to trade without middlemen and link directly with their customers.  In consequence, with the reduced costs, APAC can increase their worldwide competitiveness while its customers can acquire the products at more attractive prices.

Mr. Frederick Leung, Founder and CEO of AnApp, said, “We feel excited for our partnership with APAC.  The partnership not only represents a remarkable first step for AnApp to enter the luxury product market in Asia Pacific, but also further promotes and adopts IOTW’s blockchain technology and decentralized marketplace. The acceptance of IOTW coins creates a new channel for boosting our partner’s sales as well as widening its customer base to include those who are using IOTW coins. Meanwhile, we have confidence that its customers enjoy the most efficient purchasing experience for our system featured with instant transaction.”

Initially, AnApp has developed a partnership with The California Wine Company Limited, the largest importer of California wines in Thailand, that has accepted IOTW coins as payment in extensive wine collection in IOTW’s decentralized marketplace.  Since then, IOTW has been exploring opportunities on forming partnerships with global brands across different industries to accelerate mutual business growth between AnApp and its partners. The partnership further implements IOTW’s business, scales its growth and expands products and services in the IOTW ecosystem.

About AnApp

AnApp (website: is developing the IOTW cryptocurrency and blockchain software which can run on different IoT devices. The Micro Mining software can be embedded into different IoT chipsets and also downloaded into existing IoT devices through firmware update. IOTW has been selected out of 2,000 companies into 500 Startups Batch 24 Accelerator Program, where only 4 blockchain companies are accepted, with IOTW being one of them.

About APAC

Established in 2004, APAC Strategic Planning Company Limited’s principal business is to trade high-class cashmere scarves based in Hong Kong. Its scarves have various textures and styles such as high class Kashmir’s cashmere, French Lace together with Swarovski crystals. By using these high quality materials and 100-years of traditional techniques, the scarves have become a unique artwork.

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