Last two weeks we have been very busy working on MicroMiners code, it’s stability and a set of tools for manufacturers of devices to bring first production batches of devices ASAP.

We had been massively challenged as we could not understand why we had stalled sockets when our two racks of devices (400 units) were going online on a single network connection line. Obviously, routers had to handle high traffic and sometimes connections were dropped but for both server side and client side we have noticed a lot of stalled connections that seemed OK and even in the non-blocking mode of sockets we have not been getting error. With massive brainstorming we even did not eliminate to change connectivity protocols but that would increase traffic to servers and in the end increase costs of running the network when we reach critical mass of devices.

With more brainstorming and even more brainstorming, we were unable to find solutions. Endless hours of testing and changes didn’t bring us any closer. Finally after some research we have found simple solution that has been there forever RFC1122 stadard. Configuring “Keep Alive” on socket with a single liner solved all our problems.

Now we have fully stable connections, full recovery mode and we feel that MicroMiners code is ready to enter final Beta testing with live Alpha production system.

Of course we have fixed hundreds of other bugs, cleaned code and made massive changes to Manufacturing Tools to ensure that serial number generation with all security levels is well implemented and tested.

Off to the new week of challenges…


Marcin Dudar is the founder of IOTW and VP Blockchain R&D. He is also the co-inventor of “Proof of Assignment”. He had two IPO experiences.

For Enquiries:

pr@anapphk.com or rebecca.cheung@anapphk.com

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