IOTW Development Diary

Being quiet for two months…

We have been quiet for two months but it does not mean we have been idle. For many months already we had proof of concept running as IOTW demo, that allowed us to demonstrate that our Proof of Assignment protocol works. On June 19th we had embarked on a journey to write production blockchain, and exactly after two months (next Friday after that) we launched the first testing network. The work completed so far included:
– New modular software infrastructure has been designed that is strong foundation for current and future highly scalable and rapid development
– MicroMiner code has been completely rewritten and tested on ESP32, Realtek AmebaZ and STM32F407
– IOTW Ledger Trusted Node has been written from scratch, and is able to handle currently of up to 20k Verification Nodes
– Initial tests with single Verification Node and 30 MicroMiners have shown that we were able to process 3k transactions per second in burst mode. This definitely shows potential as TPS numbers are scaling with number of Verification Nodes being available for MicroMining
– iOS Mobile IOTW Simple Wallet has been rewritten and will be tested today
– IOTW Dashboard that gives insight into ledger operations is now functional

This are just big things, but there has been massive work on the foundation that provides services to all of the above:
– IOTW Library that defines protocols and provides set of common tools to be used by different nodes
– IOTW Communication Protocol (Trusted Node to Verification Node and IOTW Client tio IOTW Server) has been defined and implemented
– IOTW Support Protocols that allow secondary communication between nodes have been defined and implemented

And since we are Blockchain for IOT devices we have to do extra work for devices. This included building IOTW Serial Server tool, which, being placed at manufacturers, will allow for secure and safe personalisation service to give each individual IOT device personality and secure means to deal with transactions. Another piece of work is IOTW Service Server that allows IOT devices to get their Over-The-Air Firmware Updates, as well as being a foundation for data gathering entities.

Looking forward to Friday as we will be having a great day to have it all running live!


Marcin Dudar is the founder of IOTW and VP Blockchain R&D. He is also the co-inventor of “Proof of Assignment”. He had two IPO experiences.


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