IOTW Ports Micro-Mining Firmware to Espressif Chipset, Plans More High-volume Deployments

(13 Aug 2018, Hong Kong) – AnApp Blockchain Technologies Limited (“AnApp”), the IoT blockchain developer behind IOTW (a new cryptocurrency for IoT applications), announces the porting of their micro-mining software to the ESP32 chipset developed by Espressif, a multinational designer of high-performance Wi-Fi + Bluetooth chips and modules.

The micro-mining IoT chipset is running at 0.5W and supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, powered by a dual-core processing unit. The IOTW development team previously demonstrated 200 fully-functional micro-mining IoT devices in Shenzen, on June 12, 2018, and is now aiming to develop a demo network with one thousand devices.

Espressif is a prominent fabless semiconductor company based in Shanghai, with offices in Greater China, Europe, and India. AnApp used Espressif’s Open SDK for firmware porting, and according to AnApp CEO Fred Leung, this is just the beginning for IOTW.

“We are porting our firmware into a semiconductor chipset which has tens of millions of deployments. ESP32 porting is just the beginning, and all manufacturers or brand owner of IoT devices can easily adopt our technologies. As a result, their end-users can start earning blockchain rewards and use cryptocurrency to experience the benefits of decentralization. We believe such high-volume deployment measures are the only way to make crypto accessible to the masses,” commented AnApp CEO Fred Leung.

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