IOTW Solving the IOT block chain / DAG small volume deployment problem using micro-mining and POA

Many technologies put mining functions inside IoT devices. But they require high end CPUs, considerable memories, and consumes significant power. They can only ship in thousands. Some technologies simply give up mining to speed up transactions but still unable to deploy in millions. Our solution is the followings:

  1. IOTW does not increase IoT hardware cost
    • Most of IoT devices are sold to consumers that are very price sensitive. Adding any cost will not work. Most technologies actually put a whole mining machine inside the IoT devices. This drastically increases the cost of the devices. Even DAG graph still need to run on micro-computers that add tens of dollars on the hardware bill. IOTW’s micro-mining software is small and can integrate into even a single wireless LAN chip.  IOTW software does not increase any hardware costs.
  2. IOTW does not require modification of hardware
    • Most of the IoT blockchain or DAG technologies require whole new designs. Device manufacturers have to put out a new hardware design and new testing/manufacturing processes. IOTW only requires adding of firmware inside the IoT devices.  It only requires very small firmware modification and testing change in the whole IoT manufacturing process.
  3. IOTW encourages end users to make purchases with their blockchain rewards from micro mining
    • By giving blockchain rewards to end users can create a market pull by end users. Unfortunately many technologies do put mining functions into IoT devices due to various reasons.
    • Technologies like DAG graph do not provide mining functions.
  4. IOTW can deploy in nearly all IOT devices
    • Because of high requirements for hardware, many IoT blockchain technologies can only be deployed in one segment of IoT devices such as white goods. All IOTW need is a light weight firmware. It can even run on single wireless LAN or other kind of connectivity SoC (System on a chip). It can be deployed in nearly all IoT applications such as TVs, PCs, cell phones, refrigerators, air conditioners, coffee machines, air purifiers, electric bikes, electric cars, security cameras, and set top boxes. The total volume is over a billion units per year.
  5. Drive adoption through semiconductor vendors and open SDK
    • To make adoption easy for IoT devices manufacturers, we are working with semiconductor manufacturers of connectivity chipsets for wireless LAN, set top boxes, smart TV, and micro controllers to integrate IOTW firmware into their SoCs. Each of these SOCs  has tens of millions of annual shipment.
    • IOTW also will release open SDK to allow IoT devices manufacturers to put micro-mining function into their devices without changing their hardware.

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