IOTW Announces the Launch of IOTW 2.0 Testnet

IOTW Announcement

IOTW ( is excited to announce the launch of IOTW 2.0 Testnet, which would be at the final stage of testing before launching Mainnet.

— IOTW 2.0 Testnet —
Launch Date: 25 Mar, 2021
Operating System: Android

Key Features:

  • Physical IOTW’s IoT devices connections
  • Smart control of multiple devices
  • Real-time carbon emission computation
  • IOTW 2.0 Testnet coins micro-mining

We are pleased to share with you the great news that our current launch, IOTW 2.0 Testnet, enables physical IoT devices connection with the IOTW mobile app, which marks an essential milestone for IOTW’s blockchain infrastructure to facilitate in the real life, and real-time carbon emission computation on the IoT devices.

Follow 3 simple steps: install, register, and connect devices, and you will be able to utilize smart control of your multiple physical IOTW’s IoT devices, using just an app.
Meanwhile, it provides you with the corresponding carbon emission readings of the connected device. You can therefore compare the level to the ordinary CO2 footprint wherever and whenever you want. Easy and Flexible.

Begin to monitor and manage your energy consumption behaviour from now on!
Your contribution is valuable. Join us today and let’s save the Earth!

All you need to do is to download the IOTW mobile app. You will find details of installation, registration, so as the instructions to connect devices here:
(The iOS version is under development, please stay tuned!)

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P.S. More to Know: — IOTW Products —
If you are interested in our IoT devices, please send us an email. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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Start monitoring your energy consumption behaviour.
Access the IOTW 2.0 Testnet by visiting

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