IOTW open sources its IoT Device Firmware Integration Code (Library/API)’s pre-alpha version for Blockchain and Data Hosting Service

Hong Kong, 20 February 2020 – IOTW announces today that its IoT Device Firmware Integration Code (Library/API)’s  pre-alpha version for Blockchain and Data Hosting Service has been open sourced.  It enables third parties to download the code from IOTW system for modification, the modified code can be integrated with the IoT devices.     The pre-alpha version of open-source code is now available to all, its alpha version will be available in Mar 2020.

By open sourcing the code, the IoT manufactures can integrate IOTW’s library into their own IoT devices seamlessly.  The manufacturers’ customers can earn credits when the IoT device is connected to the internet, and the credits can be used in their market place / ecosystem.   In addition, the IoT manufactures can leverage IOTW’s data hosting service to collect and analyse customer preference to improve the products.

What is IOTW Data Hosting Software Platform?

IOTW Software Platform is a one-stop and next-generation IoT platform that combines very cost-effective big data cloud hosting and flexible IoT and Apps enablement services with its unique turnkey solution.

‍The easily-integrated turnkey solution can empower any IoT and Apps business with real-time connectivity, cloud hosting, data harvesting, data analytics, data encryption, easy apps generator that manages IoT devices remotely, and fast payment system without much engineering work.  Read more

Frederick Leung, IOTW’s Chief Executive Officer, states “By open sourcing the code, our goal is to encourage innovation across the industry by allowing developers to create value for their business.  This is one of core value of IOTW project to the society.”

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About IOTW

IOTW Project is one of the fast-growing integrated IoT blockchain platforms in the world, which is owned by AnApp Blockchain Technologies Limited.   Hong Kong-based company has two business units.  One unit is to develop a mobile app doing green cryptocurrency mining, instant payment, IoT device remote control, advertising and ecommerce business.  The another one is to develop cost-effective data cloud hosting and IoT development platform for any IoT and mobile app projects

With a set of cutting-edge technologies, it is expected that IOTW will be able to disrupt the IoT blockchain and cloud market. Further information can be found on our website