IOTW will be listed on Coinviva on 27th February 2020

Hong Kong, 24 February 2020 – IOTW is pleased to announce that IOTW will be listed on Coinviva, and IOTW token can be traded there starting from 27th February 2020, 12:00pm (Hong Kong Time).

Thanks to the overwhelming support from IOTW token subscribers, IOTW has successfully completed complex listing procedures, as one of strategic business partners, Coinviva is a perfect choice to the company for penetrating markets.   IOTW will keep in touch with other cryptocurrency exchanges about listing in the future so as to offer more options for the members to trade.

Frederick Leung, IOTW’s Chief Executive Officer, has expressed great gratitude toward the support from token buyers and business partners. He adds “IOTW tokens listing on exchanges is a great milestone for IOTW.  We have been waiting for this moment for months. With solid technologies of blockchain technology and a strong business network, we are confident in IOTW’s future.”

Refer to Coinviva’s announcement and detailed information of events

Here are the guidelines assisting you in getting started (on Coinviva Exchange).

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About IOTW

IOTW Project is one of the fast-growing integrated IoT blockchain platforms in the world, which is owned by a Hong Kong-based technology company “AnApp Blockchain Technologies Limited”.   The company mainly runs two types of business, one unit is to develop a mobile app doing green cryptocurrency mining, instant payment, IoT device remote control, advertising and ecommerce business.  Another one is to develop cost-effective data cloud hosting and IoT development platform for any IoT and mobile app projects

With a set of cutting-edge technologies, it is expected that IOTW will be able to disrupt the IoT blockchain and cloud market. Further information can be found on our website

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About Coinviva

Coinviva aims to create the best crypto financial services ecosystem for both institutional and individual investors. We provide reliable fiat funding options, excellent trading liquidity, bank security level custody and one-stop high liquidity provision on-site & off-site. Our founding management team all come from top tiered investment banking (e.g. JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America Merrill Lynch), with fully comprehensive financial institution operation experience.