IOTW Business Update | January 2020

We would like to update you on the progress of business and software/hardware development.


IOTW announces its new software team to lead Mainnet development in Jan.  The new member Victor Chan joined Marcin’s team as a Senior Software Engineer on Jan 3 assisting in Mainnet development.  We believe that the new team can catch up with the development and execute on the company’s strategic agenda to enable growth and scalability, while retaining our focus as a leading blockchain technology company.

Mainnet will be launched in May 2020, its framework will be set up this month and it will be connected with virtual devices for testing.   Devnet will be set up for identifying the potential problems and risks, the team will figure out a solution to the identified problems and risks.   The identification takes a month and the team will fix them in Feb and Mar for making sure future network’s stability.

Regarding Dicovi’s set-top box (for Mainnet development), the manufacturer has started doing hardware integration and the samples will be available in Feb.  After receiving the samples, the team will test them under pre-set network environment.  This is an essential stage developing Mainnet, and its completion is expected in Mar.

New listing exchange: Conviva Exchange

IOTW tokens will be listed on Coinviva Exchange in Feb or Mar.  The start trading date and time will be announced soon.

New product: IOTW-enabled set-top box

IOTW’s blockchain technology can be applied to different industries, IOTW-enabled set-top box is one of examples.  The marketing campaigns will be arranged this year for testing market.   The initial idea is that we will deliver an open-source hardware and software set-top box to IoT devices’ developers after they purchased a box from us and subscribed to IOTW.  Mobile App replacing the remote control will be designed for doing search after connected.

The developers can upload their videos (such as sharing happy faces’ photos or computer-games’ educational programmes) to IOTW channels for earning money.

The developers can leverage box’s blockchain technology to build and run its own business as the system allows them to create a tailor-made reward system for meeting business needs.  The detailed information will be announced once it is ready.