IOTW announces its New Software Team to lead MainNet development

Hong Kong, 6 January 2020 – IOTW is pleased to announce its newly appointed software leadership team, as it reorganises for growth.

In September 2019, the negative rumours came out after a key developer and the involved contractors tendered the resignations.  The project team didn’t receive the login keys of all systems (including MainNet) causing problems to us.  In addition, the key developer bargained an unproportionate amount of benefits for himself as his request was not making in accordance with the company’s policy.  The management negotiated it with him many times, but it ended in failure, eventually, the company decided to reject the unreasonable and unethical request.  Then, all of a sudden, the negative publicity on IOTW’s telegram community and online publishing platform “Medium” has been published.

The company did not disclose the detailed information until now because the management preferred controlling the situation before disclosure.  The contract signed with him was ended by the end of December 2019 and he has been leaving the company.

In January 2020, the company has re-structured its software team and re-built everything to execute on the company’s strategic agenda to enable growth and scalability.  Network’s infrastructure and security levels have reached the final testing stage although the project was previously threatened.

Frederick Leung, IOTW’s Chief Executive Officer, states “I am extremely pleased to advise that our Blockchain Advisor Marcin Dudar remains in his role leading software team and projects.  I really appreciate Marcin and his team’s efforts on MainNet’s development during the harsh times of last year, thank you very much”.

Team members are stated as below.

  • Marcin Dudar remains in his leadership role as Blockchain Advisor.
  • Jimmy Ng has been appointed as Senior Software Manager adding to Marcin’s team. He took up his post in November 2019, succeeding the previously-employed key developer. Jimmy has over 20 years of experience in Software Architectural Design & Development, including Mobile Application, E-Commerce, Network Systems, Database Systems and Cryptocurrency.
  • Dennis Yu remains in his role as Senior Software Engineer and another Senior Software Engineer will report duty this month.

Here is the schedule of launching MainNet.

  • The new chipset’s samples were available by late December 2019 (after several negotiations with the suppliers).
  • Dicovi, the set-top box’s manufacturer, has started doing hardware integration. The box’s samples will be produced in January 2020.
  • The entire MainNet will be tested in February 2020.
  • MainNet’s penetration and security testing will be arranged in March and April 2020.
  • The launch is scheduled in May 2020.

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 About IOTW

IOTW Project is one of the fast-growing integrated IoT blockchain platforms in the world, which is owned by AnApp Blockchain Technologies Limited.   Hong Kong-based company has two business units.  One unit is to develop a mobile app doing green cryptocurrency mining, instant payment, IoT device remote control, advertising and ecommerce business.  The another one is to develop cost-effective data cloud hosting and IoT development platform for any IoT and mobile app projects

With a set of cutting-edge technologies, it is expected that IOTW will be able to disrupt the IoT blockchain and cloud market. Further information can be found on our website