IOTW launches big data cloud hosting’s analytics platform

Hong Kong – 26 November 2019 – IOTW, a revenue-generating IoT blockchain platform, today announced that the company has completed its big data analytics and digital dashboard which will deliver real-time information to the enterprises and manufacturers.

Highly accurate data will be collected through the use of IoT devices, such as one of IOTW customers “universal remote controller”. IOTW will process and analyse the data, and make it available to the customer for developing its business strategy.

IOTW’s real-time analytics platform will be hosted in the cloud. This means our technology solution can easily be quickly set up at different venues and countries.   The live tracking website is built to support the project, data on IoT devices will be processed in IOTW’s cloud platform.  For cloud hosting’s key advantages, please visit

Call to action (for free trial):  as a developer, if you would like to try IOTW analytics test platform, please drop an email to for registration.   You can test the maximum number of 100 individual devices as per each registration during testing period.  IOTW analytics main platform will be launched after the testing period.

Regarding MainNet’s launch, the date is re-scheduled due to the manufacturer’s delay.  The chipset’s manufacturer cannot ship the required type of chipsets to Dicovi, that is one of IOTW-enabled set-top box’s manufacturer, for producing set-top box.  It deeply affects the company’s targets of deploying 1 million units of IOTW-enabled set-top boxes in Europe and Middle East market.

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About IOTW

 IOTW Project is one of the fast-growing integrated IoT blockchain platforms in the world, which is owned by AnApp Blockchain Technologies Limited.   Hong Kong-based company has two business units.  One unit is to develop a mobile app doing green cryptocurrency mining, instant payment, IoT device remote control, advertising and ecommerce business.  The other one  is developing cost-effective data cloud hosting and IoT development platform for any IoT and mobile app projects

With a set of cutting-edge technologies, it is expected that IOTW will be able to disrupt the IoT blockchain and cloud market. Further information can be found on our website