IOTW launches a Data Cloud & IoT Platform to help IoT/App projects drive lower costs and higher performance

(Hong Kong, 11th July 2019.) Project IOTW is pleased to announce that its data cloud hosting and IoT enablement platform business ( has been officially launched. Based on its high IoT performance infrastructure, the next-generation software platform helps optimize any IoT and Apps business with an easily-integrated turnkey solution, from cost-effective data cloud hosting, R&D, data collection, analytics, remote control apps generator, to instant payment system. The business is expected to springboard IOTW’s main business owing to the growing demand for IoT cloud and enablement services.

Currently, there are emerging challenges facing the IoT and apps industries. They include higher costs of hosting big data generated from the IoT devices and applications, much time spent on Research and Development (R&D) for an end-to-end IoT back-end solution, big data insecurity, connectivity with high latency, scalability, lower performance, etc..

To address the challenges, the IOTW software platform is built and aims to transform any IoT business with its turnkey solutions. It offers connectivity layer with very low latency, very economical cloud hosting, much shorter time for R&D, data harvesting, banking level data encryption, data analytics, remote control app, and instant payment system powered by blockchain technology. It also gives enterprises with freedom of deployment: hosting data in IOTW cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud. The end-to-end IoT solution is suitable for any IoT devices and applications.

The pricing model is very economical and customizable, depending on the number of devices and the need from the clients. However, due to its high-performance infrastructure, the more devices, the lower the costs. It is expected that the IOTW solution can help IoT enterprises save up to 80% costs. The platform accepts IOTW tokens or fiat.

IOTW welcomes any partnerships, referrals, and distribution channels that can help extend this platform globally so that every IoT enterprise can save costs, time, and drive higher performance.

If interested, please drop an email at or fill out the form here. IOTW’s specialists will respond and show you a demo as soon as possible.


About IOTW

Project IOTW ( ), under AnApp Blockchain Technologies Limited, is building a fast-growing Blockchain-enabled IoT Data Platform in the world, where Big Data is unified from a cross-section of IoT devices and different applications based on a native blockchain technology using Proof of Assignment (PoA) and micro-mining protocols. The blockchain software can run on different IoT devices to mine cryptocurrencies. The micro-mining software can be embedded into different IoT chipsets and also downloaded into existing IoT devices through a firmware update without changing their hardware.

Currently, it is launching the economical and flexible Enterprises Big Data Cloud Hosting & IoT enablement platform ( to help any IoT and mobile apps business projects to save much cost and offer end-to-end solutions. The founding team has about 30 years of experience working in the Silicon Valley, semiconductor, and IoT hardware industries, which can help make IOTW real business globally at a rapid scale. It has been backed up by 500 Startups accelerator program, one of the topmost incubators and VCs in the US.