Update TestNet App, Control Virtual Devices at Your Fingertips

Have you ever experienced remotely managing any IoT devices simply with a mobile app to make your home much smarter? It has been a trend that many large IoT enterprises have started building remote device monitoring functionalities for their users. So does IOTW.

IOTW is very excited to inform that its TestNet app has just been upgraded to version 2.0 with a new feature that allows users to experiment with controlling their virtual IoT light bulbs remotely and instantly.

To enjoy it, follow these simple steps:

  • Upgrade the TestNet app in Play Store first (currently only supporting Android version). You will see a control device feature in the app, with all existing features (e-shop, friends referral, instant payment) remaining intact.
  • Open the dashboard on another mobile device/ a computer: https://dashboard.testnet1.iotw.fun/microminers
  • Put the serial number of your virtual devices on the dashboard and then press “Track”
  • Control the virtual IoT light bulbs in your app while seeing the LIGHTING COLOUR CHANGE on the dashboard


This is key progress for IOTW project as in the Mainnet which is planned to be launched in the third quarter of 2019, end users can remotely monitor their real IoT devices with IOTW technologies without latency.

Let us know if you have any feedback. We hope you can have the best interactive experience with the upgraded IOTW TestNet app.

Thank you.


About IOTW

Project IOTW (https://iotw.io/ ), under AnApp Blockchain Technologies Limited, is building a fast-growing Blockchain-enabled IoT Data Platform in the world, where Big Data is unified from a cross-section of IoT devices and different applications based on a native blockchain technology using Proof of Assignment (PoA) and micro-mining protocols. The blockchain software can run on different IoT devices to mine cryptocurrencies. The micro-mining software can be embedded into different IoT chipsets and also downloaded into existing IoT devices through a firmware update without changing their hardware.

Currently it is launching the economical and flexible Enterprises Big Data Cloud Hosting software platform to help any IoT and mobile apps business projects to reduce a lot of costs and offer end-to-end solutions. The founding team has about 30 years of experience working in the Silicon Valley, semiconductor, and IoT hardware industries, which can help make IOTW real business globally at a rapid scale. It has been backed up by 500 Startups accelerator program, one of the topmost incubators and VCs in the US.