IOTW takes next steps towards IoT hardware devices for TestNet’s green micro-mining

Hong Kong – 25 October 2019 – IOTW, a revenue-generating IoT blockchain platform, today announced that the team has already shifted its effort and focus on developing thousands of IoT hardware devices as this is the scheduled development phrase.

The new phrase enables the client mining TestNet coins by connecting IOTW blockchain-enabled IoT hardware devices, such as light bulbs and power plugs (pictured below).  The team keeps to do testing on different types of hardware IoT device in the coming months.

Commenting on the new phrase, Frederick Leung, Founder & CEO, IOTW said “ we are very pleased the client has chosen IOTW.  We will test different types of device as much as possible to ensure IOTW’s scalability.   The step helps us become more competitive and profitable, and create new ways of serving clients and society through our global business.

Regarding the blockchain business, the MainNet’s launch will be re-scheduled because the company has decided adding one more chipset to the IOTW-enabled set-top box.  Supplying two chipsets to the set-top box manufacturer definitely helps IOTW business development.  The MainNet’s launch date will be announced next month.

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About IOTW

 IOTW Project is one of the fast-growing integrated IoT blockchain platforms in the world, which is owned by AnApp Blockchain Technologies Limited.   Hong Kong-based company has two business units.  One unit is to develop a mobile app doing green cryptocurrency mining, instant payment, IoT device remote control, advertising and ecommerce business.  The other one  is developing cost-effective data cloud hosting and IoT development platform for any IoT and mobile app projects

With a set of cutting-edge technologies, it is expected that IOTW will be able to disrupt the IoT blockchain and cloud market. Further information can be found on our website