IOTW Will Launch its Big Data Cloud Hosting Services to Help IoT & Apps Projects Reduce Up To 80% Cost

(Hong Kong. 19th June 2019) Project IOTW is excited to announce that it is poised to launch its Enterprise Cloud Hosting software platform in the third quarter of 2019. The platform will help enterprises to optimize any IoT and Apps business projects with its turnkey solution by driving higher performance, lowering up to 80% cost, and saving much R&D time. It is expected that this business will help springboard IOTW’s main business in the coming months.

Built on its scalable, secure, speedy, and highly adaptable IoT high-performance infrastructure, the software platform will be cost-effective and flexible for any IoT and mobile apps in most industries. The easily-integrated End-to-End solution will feature cloud building, automatic connectivity, fast apps generation to manage devices remotely and instantly, data harvesting, data analytics and visualization, data encryption (Banking level), to other advanced application enablement without much engineering work. The diverse set of tools and benefits will allow enterprises to enjoy device connectivity with extreme speed and a much lower cost of big data cloud hosting (the more devices using IOTW solutions, the lower the costs) than mainstream cloud hosting service platforms.

In particular, the platform has a great advantage by reducing a huge amount of R&D time for IOTW’s customers. Projects that normally need 60-80 weeks of R&D can be completed within 6 weeks with our solutions, thanks to a very flexible and low footprint client library for IoT devices, fully managed mobile app widgets to control IoT devices as well as an ultra-scalable server architecture that can be hosted, put in private clouds or closed in private enterprise networks.

Meanwhile, IOTW will also open source the device code for data collection and control in Github later so that developers can employ IOTW technologies and help extend its applications. More details and promotions about this business will be announced later.

If any IoT enterprises are looking for a cost-effective and customizable solution of hosting their companies Big Data and improving the connectivity or lack the know-how to build their own cloud, feel free to contact IOTW through .


About IOTW

Project IOTW ( ), under AnApp Blockchain Technologies Limited, is building a fast-growing Blockchain-enabled IoT Data Platform in the world, where Big Data is unified from a cross-section of IoT devices and different applications based on a native blockchain technology using Proof of Assignment (PoA) and micro-mining protocols. The blockchain software can run on different IoT devices to mine cryptocurrencies. The micro-mining software can be embedded into different IoT chipsets and also downloaded into existing IoT devices through a firmware update without changing their hardware.

Currently It is launching the economical and flexible Enterprises Big Data Cloud Hosting software platform to help any IoT and mobile apps business projects to reduce up to 80% cost and offer end-to-end solutions. The founding team has about 30 years of experience working in the Silicon Valley, semiconductor, and IoT hardware industries, which can help make IOTW real business globally at a rapid scale. It has been backed up by 500 Startups accelerator program, one of the topmost incubators and VCs in the US.

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