AnApp and iKeyhome Jointly Develop Micro-Mining

AnApp Blockchain Technologies Limited (“AnApp”), the leading IoT blockchain developer (issuer of IOTWs, a new crypto currency for IoT application) announces江門市凱弘電子科技有限公司(“iKeyhome”), a white goods design and manufacturer in China, has agreed to work with AnApp to jointly develop IOTW micro-mining firmware for iKeyhome’s products.  The micro-mining firmware will enable iKeyhome’s solutions to mine IOTWs without increasing their hardware cost.  End users will fully benefit from getting IOTW blockchain reward.

Frederick Leung, co-founder and CEO of AnApp, said, “One of the biggest problems in the blockchain industry is that there is still not a single blockchain technology that can be deployed in high volume, say in the millions. Working with white goods design houses like iKeyhome is a very major step for AnApp to bring blockchain technologies to millions of households.”

Jeffrey Zhang, General Manager of iKeyhome, said, “End users can earn IOTW as well as use IOTW to purchase goods, services and contents. It is a very good feature to add to iKeyhome’s solutions.  In the future, iKeyhome will keep enhancing their end user experience by adding new state-of-the-art features.”

AnApp (website: is developing IOTW cryptocurrency and blockchain software which can run on different IoT devices. The micro-mining software can be embedded into different IoT chipsets and also downloaded into existing IoT devices through firmware update. AnApp is planning for an ICO in the near future.

iKeyhome (website: is a leading innovator and developer for white goods solutions.  Leveraging on its leading firmware and hardware engineering teams in China, iKeyhome provides solutions for many BLDC based white goods such as range hoods, air conditioners, fans, air purifiers, power supplies, refrigerators, BLDC blow dryers, etc.  iKeyhome’s key customers are major white goods brands in China and overseas.

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